San Juan Islands, WA

These are photos take on our Road Scholar trip to the San Juan Islands between Washington State and Vancouver Island.

We flew into SEA-TAC and spent the first night there.  The next day we were bussed to Bellingham to board a 66 foot yacht, the M/V Chinook.  That day and the next two, we had breakfast and lunch on the yacht and spent nights in the town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

We were very fortunate to see Orcas all three days and learned about the differences between the Resident Orcas and the Transient Orcas.  They have different diets and seeming speak a different language.

The final two days were spend on San Juan Island turring the area and learning about the conflict between US and English forces known as The Pig War.   It lasted for 12 years and no shots were fired.

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