Who am I?

  • Well, I can claim to be the best star ship pilot on Earth; show me a better one.
  • I can claim to slain every dragon I’ve ever met, don’t see any around.
  • As for soccer referee, that was the hardest job of the three.  I refereed youth soccer with AYSO for 18+ years and still teach Referee classes for new volunteers.
  • Photography is my hobby and one on which Ican spend plenty of time (and money).
  • ;-)

Who am I really?  

Well,  I have been married to my fantastic and tolerant wife for 32 years (and counting).  We raised two amazing people who are now young adults.  Our daugther is an actor in LA and our son is an attorney who is training for a position in Federal law enforcement.

I retired after 46 years in the software field, starting with operating systems with CDC, test systems software with Amdahl, and system support software as a contractor at NASA.  While there I was the architect for a mass storage system and then the work load software
PBS - Portable Batch System, which I and my team continued to develop at Altair Engineering (the team continues to do so).  My thanks goes out to them for more than 20 years of working (and putting up) with me on that software.  Who would have believed it would last so long and be used around the world by so many sites.

My main hobby is photography.  I consider myself to be an advanced amateur and “specialize” in landscapes.  Stick me in any national park and watch me click away.  Its those all too  rare times when an image comes out of the camera that "jumps out at you" that the all the time and money spent is worth it.  The main purpose of this web site is for me to display photos I have taken, mostly on trips to the scenic wonders that abound in this amazing country of ours.

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